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Document Management

Systemised Data Archiving

With the digital archiving of your files, you can solve several problems in one go: you save time from laborious researching, space because you no longer require a storeroom and money because you are saving time and space.

We take over the full service for you – from the logistics, data acquisition through to data archiving and hosting of the data. As well as files, we also archive your electronic documents in an audit-compliant manner in our doc2go Document Management System (DMS). Your data is tagged in accordance with pre-defined criteria so that you can safely relocate it – and with full-text indexing, you can search for and research individual text passages for your required documents.

If your data should get lost, this can be easily restored. Your data is safely stored using redundant server technology. If you have the necessary resources to archive the data yourself, we will be happy to provide you with an introduction into our easy-to-operate software.