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ABBYY FlexiCapture

Abbyy FlexiCapture

The speed of business processes is increasing exponentially. Nowadays, companies must process their paper documents in a matter of minutes and hours instead of days or weeks so they can keep up with EDP. In order to satisfy customers, the connection between EDP and paper documents must be synchronised.

ABBYY FlexiCapture helps to extract all the relevant data from paper documents and integrate this in digital form into business processes, systems and projects. FlexiCapture’s outstanding recognition technology guarantees excellent recognition quality. The solution supports data capturing of documents in 190 languages and finds data from documents of any complexity.

ABBYY FlexiCaptureProfessional is ideal for departments and small to medium-sized companies and makes it possible for you to automate all internal paper-based processes, thus rationalising business processes, reducing costs and caring for customers more efficiently. With ABBYY FlexiCapture, you can process paper documents in a single procedure and convert them into reusable data.

The system processes single-sided or multiple pages of documents and forms, documents with an undefined (flexible) number of pages, with multiple pages of tables and documents with attached image and text files. Source: www.abbyy.de

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