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Purchase Management

Procurement Management with MediusFlow

Nowadays, many companies have decided to combine the handling of their supplier invoices with a software purchasing module. In this way, the entire process from application to payment is electronically supported. As a result, all purchases (even those which do not normally run through the business system) can be saved in digital format and then coordinated (checked) on the basis of the invoices.

On one hand, the objective is to document and track such procedures and, secondly, to systematically group and categorise orders. For example, the latter can also be used to improve the negotiation basis with suppliers.

The MediusFlow purchase software can be integrated with existing purchasing software as well as being used as an independent function. The different processes in the purchasing module can be expanded in order to tailor them to the requirements of your company. Various purchasing types can also be processed, i.e. purchasing which is based on an item number or description or on an external item number. In this way, the company can manage the entire purchasing process using MediusFlow – from purchasing application to goods receipt.

Various purchasing processes, which mean manually increased effort as they are operated by different people, can be designed and checked transparently using digital workflows. Using control equipment, orders can be inspected and adapted to the company standard.

Within the different stages in the procurement procedure, employees with the appropriate access authorisation can take a look at the current status at any time. In the case of procedures, requests or problems that require authorisation, a message is automatically send to the relevant manager.

Old procedures and data that are relevant to the procurement procedure are recorded in the history management for the purposes of traceability. In this way, the procedures can be tracked later as well in order to cover weak spots and optimise the working procedures.