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Contract Management

Improve your Contract Management

Keep pace with digital development by improving your contract management we guarantee you it is worth it! Contracts are among the most important documents of a company. Nevertheless, efficient contract archiving is sometimes still in short supply.

Many companies still work by archiving printed contracts which makes it difficult to call up information and individual pieces of data from the contracts. Checking on the duration of the contracts is also made more difficult as a result. Sometimes, contracts are habitually lengthened without anyone having an overview of it. In addition, checks on whether incoming supplier invoices actually correspond with the supplier contract that was signed are frequently missing.

With the Medius contract module, you can keep better checks on your contracts. The contracts are scanned and archived in a database. When an invoice arrives, it is compared with the contract. If the invoice deviates from the signed contract, then the matter is forwarded to the person responsible for contracts within the company. An alarm can be linked to the validity period of the contract in order to avoid errors.

As standard, the contract module of MediusFlowTM comprises seven areas of application:

Contract and invoice can be coordinated on various levels from the superordinate main level through to a line basis. As part of the coordination inspection, checks are made whether the validity period of the invoice corresponds with the coordination item, among other things, as well as compliance with certain amount limits.

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