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More Efficiency for your Company’s Success

mediaone data solutions offers you services dealing with data management. The core points of our range of services are: electronic data acquisition, response management, scanning, data capturing, workflow management and document management.

Documents and records, whether they now exist on paper or electronically, must be quickly traceable. In our growing paper and data jungle, this is becoming more and more difficult. Using our Document Management System (DMS), we offer you solutions to quickly and efficiently archive your documents and finally create order. You can use our Data Capturing Software to categorise and classify your digital documents. We use our Workflow Management Software to efficiently model your business processes. As you see, we have a solution for every demand on your data and documents. Just ask us.

Sustainable and Secure

Important aspects in data acquisition and data processing are sustainability and auditing acceptability.

Contact tracking is becoming increasingly important as part of customer relationship management. Only if we are able to allocate the inquiries of the customer to the records they have sent, we can provide the best support for our customers.

Digital tracking of internal business processes is also gaining in relevance, especially as many procedures are already carried out on an online basis and these processes must already be digitally stored in accordance with the GDPdU (principles of data access and auditing of digital documents) guidelines. However, even subsequently scanned-in paper documents can be stored in a manner that makes them more secure and quicker to trace than using the conventional filing method.


// May 27, 2009

Frank Momm wird Sales Director bei mediaone data solutions, Hamburg

Seit Mai 2009 hat Frank Momm (42) die Vertriebsleitung bei mediaone data solutions, Hamburg übernommen.
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// October 30, 2008

mediaone data solutions ist zertifizierter Abbyy Partner für FlexiCapture/Formreader

Seit Mitte 2008 ist mediaone data solutions mit Sitz in Hamburg zertifizierter Abbyy Partner für die Business Produkte FlexiCapture und Formreader in Norddeutschland.
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